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New England Sunset

New England Sunset
Manchester, VT

7.5"X 10"

Watching the Twilight Sky

by Mary Ellen South

I watch the clouds change color and formation
I look deeply for meaning
And there they are
My life in the sky.

Watching the formations and remembering,
The youthful discovery of dogs, cats and goats.
Remembering the twilight nights alone-
Surely there is a message from a lost soul.

Now I wonder at the colors and positions,
My imagination long gone from my youth.
And yet, I watch for a message from the energy of the universe-
The moon continues its cycles.

I look to the sky which is growing dark,
The purples and pinks now fading to gray.
A highlight of a life lived well,
A reality of a life peppered with formations and color.

Life is a cycle
A collection of struggles and successes.
Reflected by the light in the sky,
Reflected by our own light forever.